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Teaching Healthy Eating


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The FDA partnered with the Cartoon Network in an ad campaign titled “Spot the Block” which is designed to teach youths ages 9-13 to look for (spot) and use the Nutrition Facts label (the block) to help them make wise food choices. The kids are taught to take three steps in deciding what to eat: 1) Check out the serving size as a package may contain more than one serving, 2) Consider the calories, and 3) Choose nutrients wisely. The ad campaign encourages its young viewers to choose foods that are lower in some fats, cholesterol, sodium, and sugars, while also looking for foods that are higher in potassium, fiver, Vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. An additional part of the ad campaign, set to launch in late 2007, will be directed at parents as role models for their children.

See more about the ad campaign at www.spottheblock.com.

Originally published in January/February 2008 issue of K! Magazine, copyright 2008, KidzMatter Inc.

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