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Keepers of The Faith


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We've been investigating a new program called "Keepers of the Faith." Its much like Girl Scouts, Heritage Girls or Missionettes, where you can earn badges for learning new skills. Except they also have biblical and educational badges as well as a school curriculum. In addition to that, children can earn badges for developing different character traits.

Other benifits include: They are non-denominational, they are not a nationwide organization- that means no yearly dues, etc. You can use the program for your family alone, homeschool group or just a couple of friends. There are over 500 badges, they are very affordable at $2.50 each and the handbooks (these tell you what the child needs to accomplish to earn thier badges) are also afordable. They start with preschool and go through highschool, programs for both boys and girls.

We haven't decided if we are going to use this program, but maybe you would like to look into it for your children.

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