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Learning Styles


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Discover your child's learning style is an amazing book, I just can't say enough about it! I have this one in my personal library, adults and children alike can take the enclosed test to learn more about their learning style. This goes beyond the basic "Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic" learners and pinpoints your child's specific learning profile.

Parents and Homeschooling parents will greatly benefit from "Knowing" how their children learn best, by helping them to find ways to cope with their school environment or adjust home-learning to accommodate their needs, parents can teach their children to succeed when they might feel like they just don't don't understand "what is wrong."

From the Publisher:

It has become widely accepted that not all children learn alike. Some grasp information best by reading, while others learn better through listening or discovering concepts in a hands-on fashion. Two longtime educators--Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Kindle-Hodson--suggest in this guide that there are actually five aspects to a student's learning style beyond the simple modes of visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Their "learning style profile" takes into account a child's talents, interests, preferred learning environment, and disposition, as well as the three more familiar modes. Written as a workbook, with a series of do-it-yourself assessments, the guide offers parents a chance to diagnose their child's learning style in all five areas. A chart of activities accompanies each style.

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