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Math Games


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More practice with Singapore Math. I altered one of the games, here the girls each have a stack of cards 0-10. I shuffled them and set aside 4 random cards in each set. Then gave the remaining cards to the girls. They each had to figure out which numbers were missing and write it on their board. Once they think they are done, I then display the 4 cards I removed and they can check their work. They had a lot of fun with this one and kept asking me to "do it again!"

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how do you like the singapore math? It looks pretty hands on, is that the case? I am using horizons math and really had to struggle to keep it interesting. Your thought?

Hello Marissa,

Using Singapore really depends on your personality. It is an intensive or accelerated program.

Singapore is a teacher centered program. That means that they teach you how to introduce it to your children. Not so much guidance on the math concept itself. You are introducing the topic and teaching it to your children.

We used Singapore Math for Kindergarten, at first I really liked it because the girls were having fun, but I quickly burned out. The book was full of ideas on things to do to introduce the topic, mostly a variety of games, etc. It took too much time for me to decide what I wanted to do, how to do it, gathering materials, etc.

If math isn't your strong point, you will receive little guidance from Singapore. Keep in mind that I only used it for one year, and that many people do enjoy the program.

Since then we have switched over to Math-U-See, the girls are still enjoying math and I have all the presser off my shoulders.

We watch the video (we are all visual learners), we use the blocks for visuals and manipulatives, my kids are getting it and I'm not having to create it. I don't have to plan the lessons, decide on what to do, we just complete the unit.

I hope that helps! I recommend you head over to www.homeschoolreviews.com and read some of the reviews from other parents.


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