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Laminating Tips


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Laminating those important posters, or projects is something we wish we could all do! But going to an office supply store you could play close to $6 per linear foot for that luxury! Check out your local teacher supply/resource store, many of them provide self laminating stations for a minimal fee. Our local store charges .39 per LINEAR foot and .29 per linear foot if you have a teacher's discount card.

I recently had a huge timeline and several maps (16ft worth) I wanted to laminate since we were going to be taping things on them. I called around to the office stores and the price came to $96- way out of our budget. I started searching and landed on a teacher supply store, my total cost came to $4.64! That is doable.

Find your local teacher supply store and if you are homschooling your children, sign up for those discount cards! You ARE a teacher!

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