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Uses for "Mats"


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We decided to try a Montessori method! The girls have been enjoying their friends "Polly Pockets" and we decided to purchase some to help them develop their fine motor skills and it really helped a lot! But, the problems was they ended up scattered all over the place. I picked up these two mats at our local home improvement store for less than $10, they have rubber backs so they will not scoot around on the floor.

Now we have a new rule in our house, they can only play with them on the "mat." They can bring other toys with like their little dollhouse or cars to play with the polly pockets, but it all has to stay on the mat. It has been working WONDERFULLY!

Other uses: one of our girls is very social, the other is slightly introverted. So this is a great way
to give one space while giving the other some "closeness." They can each choose something to do on their mat, but they cannot play "together" for a period of time. If they've been getting on each others nerves, it seems to provide the necessary space and they are both content.

There are so many uses for these mats! The possibilities are endless. And when you're done, simply roll them up and tuck them in the corner or in a closet.

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