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Weather Logs


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A great science activity is to create weather logs. There are several ways to accomplish this, you could use a large calendar hung on the wall, a cheap day planner for each child from your local discount store or a notebook, you may have a few options laying around your house.

Each day, have your child find today's date and write down the time, temp, and weather conditions. You could also use a rain gauge, weather vain for wind direction, the possibilities are endless. For younger children, print this Weather Page, cut out the corresponding image and paste it on today's date. This is a great way to teach them to read a thermometer and discuss how we use weather to help us decide what to wear, what activities are appropriate (we don't swim in the lake when its 20 degrees outside!) for the weather, measure ground temperature if you garden with your children.

You could take this in so many directions. Enjoy

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