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Accountable Kids


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Here I thought I posted about this, but I see that I haven't. We've been using this program for quite a while and REALLY love it. I mean REALLY. It made a huge difference in our household.
The easiest way for me to describe the program is to simply direct you to the videos! (below) If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them! You may visit their website here: Accountable Kids 

We only made a few changes. (Of course!) I made a little "proof," which is like a receipt for their earned ticket. So that at the end of the day, even if they used all their tickets up, they have the "proof" that they had earned all their tickets. That way I don't have to remember.

And second, we spend so much time together as a family that the "date card" was just an added expense for us. Since we don't watch TV around here, we decided that the "Date card" would now be a "computer card" and the girls could earn an hour of computer/ video time if they completed the card.

But otherwise, the program is so flexible, and would work with just about any household. If any of you decide you would like to use the program, I'll send you the forms I made- they are just like the ones in the book, but much larger and easier to write on. And I made an extra Family Forum form that was more comprehensive. Enjoy.

Another note, it has really allowed the girls to purchase some of the things they really want. For example; Lydia purchased a set of earrings, fingernail polish and some hair accessories that we would not have purchased for her if she had asked. She is really proud of them and also takes better care of them. They can only earn up to $4 per week (because that is the max amount of extra chores they have each week) but they average between $1 and $2 each week. Occasionally they will earn all $4. We teach them to tithe and put money in savings right off the top.

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