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Snow White, a Movie


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We don't really appreciate the Disney reproductions of classic tales, especially Snow White.  When I was a child I watched a very enchanting version of this classic Grimm fairy tale, recently I set out on a quest to find it.

After much searching, I am happy to announce that I did find it, free, and viewable online!
It is a German film made in 1955, it has been dubbed in English, I think they did a very good job on timing and the girls didn't seem to notice.  Remember, this movie was made in 1955 and we've come a long way with audio and video since then.

Even though it is somewhat "cheesy," by today's standards my girls liked this version much more than the scary version from Disney.  It is much more like the tale from Brother's Grimm, including the belt, poison comb and the poison apple.  Also, because it has real actors it is much more "down to earth." You can read the summary from The LikeTelevision channel below.

Click HERE to view the movie.

Snow White
Directed by - Erich Kobler 

(1955) - Color - 76 min
The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Snow White - directed by Erich Kobler, this German film is a classic adaptation of a familiar tale. Here's the twist - REAL people, not cartoon characters. Also, lots of funky costumes, bad haircuts and English is dubbed (low budget)- so you get the “Godzilla effect“ adding a touch of bizarre!

A little after dinner dancing!

Based on Grimm Brothers classic tale about Snow White, whose skin was as fair as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.

Prince Charming and Snow White share a tender moment

Part oneThe movie opens with Snow White's mother, dreaming of a beautiful young girl. She gets her baby, whose skin was as fair as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony, but she dies in childbirth. The king remarries the jealous evil queen with the magic mirror.

The prince with the bad haircut

Part twoSnow White grows up to be the fairest women in the land, so the evil queen decides to get rid of her. She gets the hunter to agree to take Snow White to the forest to kill her. But the hunter can't go through with it -and leaves her in the forest. Snow White finds a house and takes a nap. The house belongs to the Seven Dwarfs.

Elke Arendt as Snow White

Part threeHere come the seven dwarfs! Dubbed voices with crazy costumes - it's hard to tell whether the actors are children or midgets. Snow White wakes up and makes friends with the little people. All seems fine 'till the queen finds out Snow White is still alive. The evil queen tricks Snow White and tries to kill her, but the dwarfs save her life.


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