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Homeschooling with Toddlers


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Usually I post Free or Low-Cost resources.  But this resource is worth the investment (as low as $15) for someone who is willing to organize it.

This is great for keeping your busy toddlers occupied while you are homeschooling, at the Doctor's office, or anywhere you need to occupy their busy hands.  Activity Bags.

Activity bags are self-guided activities that fit into a gallon size bag.  They can be "assigned" to your toddler during school time, etc.  The best and least expensive way to go about accumulating your activity bags is to organize a swap.

First, purchase the book of activities from Activity Bags. The books come in a variety of formats and vary in cost. 

Next, organize an Activity Bag Swap with your co-op or support group.

Organizing a Swap isn't too complicated.  First you find a group of interested moms (groups of about 20-30 is an ideal size). They can choose one game from the book or you can assign games.

Each mother make enough of that one game as there are mothers in the group. This is a huge cost savings because each mom is purchasing only the items required for the one game, in bulk, and should only spend about $1 for each bag.

On swap day, put out one paper grocery bag for each mother.   Each participant places one Activity Bag into a paper bag for each of the other swappers.  In the end, each mother goes home with a bag full of activities to occupy their little ones. 

It was a huge hit in our co-op and I highly recommend it.


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