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Creating a World Geography Curriculum


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I've been searching and searching for a world geography curriculum that will fit our families needs and haven't found one.  We are not the "average" homeschooling family (and I'm just picky!)  So I needed a curriculum that can:
Travel with us (libraries are not always available, I need something that is fairly self-contained and doesn't rely on the library or internet.)...
Literature based (just a few books to haul around, not a book on each country!)...
Something that is not a dry textbook...
AND we're not always sure if we'll have internet access (hence the reason for the pause in my posting!)...

I am determined to study world geography this year and, by George, I do believe we can do this!  Here is my plan for this year:

First...  I found this great article from THE LINK, this was just what I needed to give me a framework and ideas for topics.  I'm using this for my syllabus.



  Scrambled States of America (we used these for US geography last year- but they are so stinkin' cute!)  

Flags of the World Bundle  from CurrClick.  This bundle includes Countries from A to Z, a map to label, flag, animals and a recipe from each country.  Hint: If you want to print just one part of a page, crop your document and print. Then, DO NOT save your changes.

Free World Prayer Devotional 
from Operation World

Printable Maps- Download ahead of time

Free Pretend Passport

Printable Passport Stamps

Country Profile Page

Lapbooking / Notebooking mini books, etc. 

That makes up the core curriculum

Books I'm considering or still need to review for the core:

My Wishlist (Otherwise known as the "we-just-don't-have-the-cash-to-spend-on-it" list)


Other Resources You May Enjoy
Make Graphs
Mission Friends - a free missions based curricula on 18 different countries
Online Geography Games
Climate and Temp Info

So how will I put it all together?  This is the plan so far.

First thing I need to do is choose the continent we'll study for a period of time (driven by the syllabus) choose the countries.

My alterations to the syllabus:
North and Central America- 5 weeks
South America- 6 weeks
Europe- 6 weeks
Africa- 6 weeks
Asia- 6 weeks
Oceania- 3 weeks
Antarctica- 1 week

Our tentative schedule:
Day 1: We'll spend our time looking the country up on the map, and explore it in the atlas, mostly browsing. Start the notebooking page. (A blank piece of card stock in any color they choose)
Add the map from Currclick and label it with the country.(or look up a larger blank outline map online if we have access)
Add the flag.
Add page to binder, divided by continent.
Must tell Dad (or someone) about the country and show it to him on the world map.
Plan for cultural meal.

Day 2:  Have them each choose 2-4 items to research from the atlas using the syllabus for ideas.  Add information to the notebooking page/map.
Label capital and major information (rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.)
Learn  more about the flag.

Day 3: Story day- missionary stories, cultural stories, discuss stories.
Operation world & prayer, update notebook with prayer needs.
Find country on world map and give capital.

Day 4:  Choose 2-4 more items to research.
Add animals and discover more about them (not sure on resource- may need to omit unless we have access to internet/library)
Prepare cultural meal for dinner.
Look up the different horse breeds that originate from this country (my daughters obsession).

Day 5: Postcard home, have each child create a post card and pretend they are writing home about the country they are visiting.
Or have them write to a family member or friend about a few highlights or favorite topics.
Or another activity: presentation, play, news article, create a travel brochure, etc.
Quiz: continent/country/capital/location/any fact, add more countries to this oral "quiz" as we learn more.


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