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Safety & Basic First Aid for Kids


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Resources & Ideas on How to teach First Aid to Children
Ehow- Ideas on how to teach
First Aid Coloring Book 
First Aid Quiz 

Kids Health- Under "Emergencies" you can choose a variety of situations and read about them. Includes: Printable Instruction sheets, "What to do," "More on this topic" for Parent, child and teen. Additional resources.  You click the "Listen" link to have the page read to you for auditory learners, etc.  Translation into Spanish is available.

Healthy.net  Long list of emergency topics including electric shock, drowning, frostbite

British Red Cross- good videos (for visual learners) and printouts for children, but requires modification for USA (call 911 instead of 999)

About.com- has a list of basics children should know with links to each area, also a with a free email course.

InjuryFree.org  A variety of safety topic with printable checklists, playground, fire,  poison prevention, etc.

ThinkQuest- wounds, burns, broken bones, choking, poison, the elements

Babysitter First Aid- about.com

First Aid Grade 5-8 Printable

First Aid Grade 9-12 Lesson Plan

Printable First Aid Charts
Real Simple
Iowa Methodist Medical Center
Natural First Aid Wall Chart

Assembling a First Aid Kit
Family Education
Kit List
Natural First Aid Kit
Natural First Aid Kit II

Book Resources


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