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Reading Curriculum Grades 1-5


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A friend of mind was using this book after she finished the "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons" curriculum. It had been a year since my daughter finished the 100 easy lessons book and I thought it was time to start teaching her some higher level reading skills.

Sonlight "I Can Read It!"
By John Holzmann

Aprox. Grades 1-5

In the first lessons, you will overlap what you have learned in 100 easy lessons, but its worth the review and it will be fairly easy. Something worth mentioning, it is a little rough at first with the vocabulary. For example, they use the word "nag" instead of "horse," so your child should have the ability to understand your definitions of words and be able to retain that information while they read.

The stories are interrupted with word lists and I've heard that many skip over them and just continue. I've tried to make them more fun, I'll read one if she reads the other, etc. You could make it more interesting if you like. But these lists of jumbled up words encourages your child to really read and not anticipate the next word because it "makes sense" in the story. Usually my daughter is so excited to continue the story that she zips through the list rather quickly.

At first I really didn't like this book very much, but now that we stuck with it, I really think it is a great resource.

Another tip: Don't pay any attention to the "lessons" just go on until your child is feels done or tired. The lessons are rather long and it would be in your child's best interest not to "force" them through the long lessons and snuff out the joy of reading. Some days my daughter will finish an entire lesson (average of 5-6 pages of solid words) And others she'll read a word list and just one part of the story. Learning to read really can "hurt." A child's brain works very hard.

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