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Bobbsey Twins


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Free Books!  You can download 14 Bobbsey Twins books from Project Gutenberg.  Free electronic books are essential for us as we travel and Project Gutenberg is an amazing resource.

Once on their website enter "Bobbsey" into the Title Search field on the left.

Also click below for a list of all the books in the series.  Then you will be able to read them in order if you like.

Discussion questions for several books by Kerry

All 72 Original Bobbsey Twins Books and their Revisions

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Are you aware of any "guides" or educational additional activities that go along with the Bobbsey Twins books? I am looking for something that adds depth to reading these books. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have tried many Google searches, as well as my favorite educational websites.

Yes, after a quick search I found a resource for you:

There are discussion questions for several books, but not all. I hope this helps.



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