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Here is a great series of books written in 1898 -1901 by Clara Dillingham Pierson.  And as always, FREE to download.

My children were captivated by the characters in her book, Among the Farmyard People, Clara is very creative with the interaction between the different characters.  She introduced us to the wise Blind Horse, the proud Peacock, the geese who insist that they give their feathers to the farmer and do not have to work for their food and many other farm dwellers.  In each chapter, not only do we learn about the animals behavior, food, sounds, predators, etc; the characters also learn a valuable lesson about life, obedience, kindness, and more. I highly recommend her series.

Below is the introduction to her book titled Among the Meadow People:

"Many of these stories of field life were written for the little ones of my kindergarten, and they gave so much pleasure, and aroused such a new interest in "the meadow people," that it has seemed wise to collect and add to the original number and send them out to a larger circle of boys and girls."
"All mothers and teachers hear the cry for "just one more," and find that there are times when the bewitching tales of animals, fairies, and "really truly" children are all exhausted, and tired imagination will not supply another. In selecting the tiny creatures of field and garden for the characters in this book, I have remembered with pleasure the way in which my 6 loyal pupils befriended stray crickets and grasshoppers, their intense appreciation of the new realm of fancy and observation, and the eagerness and attention with which they sought Mother Nature, the most wonderful and tireless of all story-tellers."

~Clara Dillingham Pierson
Titles in this series include:
  • Among the Meadow People
  • Among the Farmyard People
  • Among the Pond People
  • Among the Forest People
  • Among the Night People
You can download these books from Gutenburg.



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